Supporting Houston Businesses For Over 35 Years

From basic contracts to complex transactions, from troubleshooting conflicts to strategizing growth, I have made it my business to help yours prosper. Let’s develop a plan of action.

When clients come to me with a business problem, it’s often a symptom of bigger issues. I take the time to learn as much about your enterprise as I can, then I can diagnose those underlying problems that are costing you money and undermining your goals.

Think of me as your business doctor. I provide comprehensive consulting for maintaining a healthy bottom line, including key contracts, partnerships, employee agreements, record-keeping and compliance. Together we will identify first-things-first priorities, addressing the most urgent problems and circling back to additional recommendations as your time and budget allows. Many clients have been with me for years, consulting me as conflicts arise and for periodic “check-ups.”

Starting a new venture or expanding your company’s footprint is exciting. It’s also a lot of work and a lot of headaches. I help my clients design and execute a strategic plan for managing growth or capitalizing on business opportunities. I draw on decades of experience with business transactions – from contract negotiations and commercial leases to multimillion-dollar mergers and acquisitions (M&A) – to consummate deals as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

These Eyes Have Seen It All

These Eyes Have Seen It All

The value of my 35-plus years of broad experience cannot be overstated. I know Texas law and where the lines are drawn. I’m a certified mediator for business disputes and the veteran of countless negotiations. I’ve worked with every industry from energy companies and medical practices to sports and entertainment, including clients in South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and around the world. Put my accumulated wisdom to work for you.

What Business Owners Say About Us

“Ms. Davis and her staff were compassionate and caring, and took the time to answer all my millions of questions.”

“Patricia will do all the research to give a clearer picture of options available to the client.”

“Patricia Davis and her legal assistant were wonderful in assisting me with all my legal needs for my new business.”

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