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Business Law and How to Safeguard Your Company

In the fast-paced world of business, it is nearly impossible for a business owner or manager to remain up to date on the latest laws that affect their company. At my law firm, Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law, I am focused on providing skilled business law counsel to entrepreneurs and businesses all across Galveston. I have worked with a diverse range of businesses in the community, ranging from small businesses to large firms across a variety of industries.

Why clients trust my law firm:

  • I emphasize cost-effective solutions
  • I am accessible and responsive
  • I have extensive experience representing businesses
  • I am highly recommended by current and past clients

Frombusiness formation or employment contracts and agreementsthat safeguard your business, to starting partnerships, securing a proper lease or asset purchase contracts, my law firm provides comprehensive counsel in all areas of business law.

Cutting Edge Solutions for Businesses

Drawing from my extensive legal experience and smart insights in the business world, I can oversee a broad range of business transactions and represent diverse legal matters. From reviewing purchase agreements on a regular basis to litigation of complex commercial disputes, my law firm regularly handles run-of-the-mill business law matters as well as multifaceted litigation cases.

With over two three decades of business and entertainment law practice, I can provide your business with proven solutions to an extremely wide variety of the legal concerns of businesses. I am a former Bankruptcy Counsel for the Federal Government and I am very familiar with all types of business transactions, partnerships, franchises, contracts and agreements, business formations plus other areas of business law. If you are in the entertainment industry, I can provide knowledgeable representation for talent as well as agencies and companies.

Your Personal Business Law Advisor

My goal is always to give you the exact legal advice and services you need, while assisting you to make the business as profitable as possible. I have helped clients form businesses, expand their operations, and craft sound exit strategies when they are at the tail-end of their business journey. Whatever stage your business is in, I can help you reach your goals and find smart, tailored solutions to your situation.

No matter your needs, whether it is an immediate and pressing situation that needs skilled resolution or you want to avoid legal problems in the future, my firm is the one that countless individuals and company owners have turned to for help. I offer all potential business clients a personalized consultation so you discuss your case at no cost.

Giving Your Business a Competitive Edge

Although it is impossible in one page to fully detail all areas of business law that my firm provides, I want to give you some idea of the range of legal service I can bring to the table for your company. When partnership disputes arise in a business, it could negatively impact the future of a company and its ability to make profits. In these cases, I can either provide highly experienced mediation services or work to protect your interests and taking action to negotiate a reasonable resolution.

If you are planning to purchase assets, a contract that meets all of your requirements while serving to have everything in place to help to prevent future litigation are a must. Examples of the uses of a correctly prepared contract can include preventing a seller from taking part in competitive activities, disclosing business information or termination of the agreement, or the ability to take legal action if one party has engaged in wrongdoing or misconduct. I know the clauses that should be in such contracts and what needs to be done in order to safeguard your interests throughout every phase of a business transaction.

Companies have employees whose rights are protected by law. At the same time, you need to safeguard your business' rights and interests. An employment contract, correctly written by an attorney from my firm can accomplish these needs and requirements while helping you to retain employees who are loyal and productive.

I provide business counseling and knowledgeable document preparation for individuals who are starting a new company as well as those who have been in business for years or longer. Without well-drafted legal documents, you run the risk of legal problems and the threat of financial and business losses. If your contracts and other legal documents are carefully drafted, it can allow you to have the peace of mind that your enterprise is legally protected and that all concerned could be held to the terms of any agreements.

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Regardless of the legal situations you face or the work that needs to be done, my firm is here to provide you with an edge, a lead in the highly competitive world of business. Contact my firm for more information and an initial consultation regarding your business law matter.

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