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Hewlett-Packard Wins Bidding War for School Contract

| Oct 24, 2012 | Firm News

Boise, Idaho – Recently, Idaho school officials have awarded an eight-year contract worth $180 million dollars to Hewlett-Packard Co. The purpose of the contract is for Hewlett-Packard to furnish the high school teachers and students with laptops; however, sealing the deal will hinge upon the outcome of the voter initiative Proposition 3.

Idaho Governor C.L, “Butch” Otter and the Public Schools Superintendent Tom Luna recently announced that Hewlett-Packard was the winning vendor at an event that took place on Tuesday, October 23rd at the company’s Boise campus.

Out of five competing companies, the Palo Alto, California based Hewlett-Packard had the lowest bid, where they offered HP ProBook laptops, software, as well as security and support for $249 per a student.

The contract with the multinational information technology corporation is a part of a plan to equip both students and teachers with laptops as part of a mass education overhaul; however, the plan can be completely undone if the Idaho voters ultimately decide to reject Proposition 3. The technology initiative contained in Proposition 3 will be voted upon on November 6th.

Both Idaho’s Governor and the Superintendent say that the computers are critical to their vision for transforming high school classrooms across Idaho.

If Proposition 3 is passed, then Hewlett-Packard will get this $180 million dollar contract with Idaho schools. This will not be the first of its kind for the technology company, Hewlett-Packard has been providing technologies and software to consumers, small and large businesses, large enterprises, as well as to customers in the education, health, and government sectors for years.

Originally founded in a one-car-garage in Palo Alto, California by William “Bill” Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard, today HP is the world’s leading PC manufacturer. The company markets their products to consumers, office-supply retailers, software partners and major vendors. A lot has happened since HP originated from a tiny garage, one of its notable mergers took place in 2002 with Compaq, and with the acquisition of EDS in 2008.

HP also won another bidding war for 3PAR against Dell with an offer for $33 a share. As one can imagine, virtually every business move that HP makes involves a contract, whether the technology giant is merging, acquiring another company, or making an offer to provide schools with affordable laptops. In all businesses large and small, proper document preparation, and proper execution of contracts is absolutely critical to all aspects of their operations.

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