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Need Help With Contract Negotiations?

Retain The Guidance Of A Houston Entertainment Law Attorney

It might be strange to think that the entertainment industry and the world of business overlap frequently but it is true. From movies and television to music and media, few things can get done without an agreement between two or more interested parties. Contract negotiations pertaining to entertainment law are sensitive matters, though; someone will push for one solution and the other could want the exact opposite.

To keep things from getting too complicated or out of hand, the right choice might be to support your claims and your ideals with the help of a professional Houston business law lawyer.

Contact my firm, Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law, right away if you have entered a contract negotiation or will enter one soon and do not know what to do next – 713-936-9553.

Why Enter A Contract Negotiation?

Entertainment contract negotiations boil down to two questions: what risks are being taken and what profits can ultimately be made? No one wants to go into a business deal that promises next to nothing, but there is never a sure chance of anything when it comes to entertainment value. The whole idea behind the negotiation is to present opportunities to set up compromises and find an agreeable middle ground.

With my help in the meeting room, I can:

  • Protect your assets by minimizing risks
  • Find a solution that maximizes your revenue
  • Maintain control of the negotiation through professionalism

Points Of Contention During Negotiation

If an entertainment contract is going into a negotiation, or a series of negotiations, there might already be problems with the contract itself. You should allow me to first review it for errors or one-sided deals; otherwise, your business partner could start at an unfair advantage that leaves you at serious risk of losses.

Issues that commonly arise in entertainment contract negotiations include:

  • Deadlines
  • Client payment
  • Quality of production
  • Content of end product
  • Non-compete/nondisclosure agreements

Contact Our Houston Business Law Attorney Patricia M. Davis Today!

You should not let the future of your entertainment proposition rest in the hands of an inexperienced negotiator. I have more than 35 years of professional experience dealing with business litigation and all the complexities that come with it. My Houston-area clients have come to know me as someone who can uphold and defend their best interests, no matter how aggressive or unreasonable their partners might be during negotiations.

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