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Protecting Your Interests And Starting Your Business Partnership On The Right Foot

When two or more individuals enter into a business arrangement, it is always best to begin this business endeavor with a partnership agreement. Failing to take this first initial but vital step could lead to serious problems in the future. A Houston business law attorney can provide you with the legal expertise you need to begin your partnership on the right foot.

At Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law, I represent you personally as a sole practitioner. In this manner, you can obtain the personalized service your new enterprise deserves. My firm will review your goals for your partnership and work within the structure of your business. I will help you determine what type of partnership contract is best suited for your business and offer you focused and reliable legal advice.

How To Avoid Business Partnership Mistakes

A simple and well-thought-out contract can cover all pertinent aspects of your partnership.

Such things that can cause costly mistakes in the future include:

  • Failure to execute a contract in the first place
  • No clear delineation of partner authority and limitation
  • The process for dissolution, should it become necessary
  • What remedies does a partner have in the event of a breach of the contract
  • What contribution will each partner make
  • What happens to the business in the case of a partner’s death

To ensure your business is legally established in a manner that will provide you with the most benefits, I will also establish your entity to enable you to obtain the best possible tax savings. My services are based on your needs and you will find that I am professional and affordable. Save yourself future legal expenses by taking the time to draw up the proper partnership contract now.

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