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Establishing A Business Partnership The Proper Way

Beginning a business can be a profitable and enjoyable enterprise. There are many types of business structures you can use to establish your business, all of them unique, achieving different ends. When you are looking at establishing a partnership, consulting with a Houston business law attorney is important in order to find out the legal impact of its formation. A partnership has two or more owners who share in the losses or profits of a business. It can allow the partners to possibly save on being taxed on profits as a partnership does not incur tax on profits as some types of corporations do.

The legal structure of a business will help to determine how it will be taxed, managed and what regulations it must comply with. My law office can provide you with the legal expertise you need when making a decision on what form of business structure to implement. A partnership can be very workable for many types of businesses, and with my assistance, I can explain all the legal issues and requirements of a partnership.

Houston Partnership Attorney

Establishing any new business can be confusing and a bit daunting. How do you know if you are setting up the right structure or filling out the correct paperwork? What about agreements between the partners? All of these issues must be addressed when establishing a partnership.

I have been practicing law for more than 35 years and take pride in providing my clients with one on one personal service. By meeting with you and discussing your legal needs, I am able to tailor my services to your needs. For cost-effective and professional legal advice and services, you can count on my office to help you establish the proper legal contracts and structures necessary for a partnership. All at an affordable price!

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