Not Just Your Business Lawyer.
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Business Law And The Future Of Your Company

Whether you are starting a business venture or operating an established enterprise, there will always be legal disputes and legal details to attend to. Rather than finding a new lawyer every time one of these issues presents itself, consider finding a business attorney who can capably address anything that arises.

I have been representing business clients for over 35 years in Texas, Oklahoma and beyond. Many business clients retain my firm, Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law, as their strategic adviser or outside general counsel. I am also available on an ad hoc basis to help with a contract negotiation, a tricky transaction or an escalating conflict. I invite you to arrange a discussion of my business consulting services and how my experience can add value to your bottom line.

Business Consulting In Houston And Beyond

The continuing success of your company is my top priority. My law firm, Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law, offers a full palette of services to prevent trouble and maximize your profitability:

Not Just Your Business Lawyer

I strive to be a partner to my clients’ success. I am a strategist, a problem solver, a sounding board and a negotiator. I aim to be your first call when disputes arise or when the time has come to grow your business or cash out. The legal team at Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law, has proudly helped hundreds of fledgling businesses get off the ground. We’ve rescued and repaired struggling businesses and helped others work through threatened lawsuits or internal squabbles with co-owners.

Business law has always been my primary focus. Tap into my nearly four decades of knowledge and experience. I will help you prioritize and achieve the goals of your company. Whether you are seeking a lawyer on retainer as a good business practice or need help with a pressing issue, give me a call at 713-936-9553 or reach out by email.