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Deep Experience With Entertainment Industry Contracts And Agreements

The entertainment industry includes various artistic fields including theatre, film, visual arts, performing arts, opera, music, literature, publishing, television and radio. All of these fields have one common interest: to profit from the creative works of actors, screenwriters, songwriters, musicians, and other artists. In order for these vested interests to succeed and profit from such works, the legal aspect of entertainment law must be properly applied, otherwise, financial devastation may ensue. Through the use of entertainment law, intellectual property law, and personal services contract law, the parties from both ends of the contract stand to benefit from such agreements.

I have been a solo practitioner in the field of business and entertainment law for more than 35 years. I can assist actors, screenwriters, songwriters, entertainers, musicians, and other celebrities in both negotiating and securing contractual agreements in the entertainment industry. I understand how in the entertainment field, it’s absolutely vital to protect your image, as well as protect your best interests through contractual negotiations.

It’s important to understand that a powerful and effective contract goes beyond initial negotiations; a poorly crafted contract can have devastating consequences for your career and your profits. For this reason, I am fully committed to protecting your reputation, helping you get positive exposure, and making sure that you enter into the right contracts. Furthermore, it’s critical to ensure that whomever you are working with views you as level-headed and professional. I cannot implore enough how success in the entertainment industry hinges upon reaching fair and effective agreements.

All Types Of Entertainment Agreements And Contracts

The entertainment industry is a constantly changing industry, adapting and changing with technology, social changes, and trends and conforming to what the public desires. A perfect example of this is the popularity of reality TV. Because the entertainment industry exists in a constant state of economic uncertainty, entertainment companies continually form, merge and shut down. As movements thrust one artist to unparalleled heights, others are forced into obscurity. Because of the constant ebb and flow of the entertainment industry, entertainers and entertainment companies rely heavily on contracts.

I handle all types of contracts and agreements including but not limited to:

  • Personal service agreements
  • Contract for rights
  • Contracts with minors
  • Contracts with intermediaries
  • Contracts with managers
  • Contracts with agents

Entertainment Law Services In Houston, Texas

I can assist musicians with recording contracts, I can also handle negotiations involving television and film, literary works and publishing deals, and I can assist in negotiating royalties. If you are a singer, a songwriter, an actor or a musician, I can provide you with excellent legal representation in negotiating a contract within the entertainment industry.

Whichever field of the arts you work in, I will aggressively assert your interests and protect your rights. I understand that image is everything; therefore, it’s essential to protect your image, while handling negotiations in a professional manner. Truly, coming to the most effective agreement involves the interplay of skillful negotiations, proper communication and mutual respect with the other party.

If you are pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, there is more to consider than contracts and agreements alone. It’s also important to protect your intellectual property rights, this may involve trademarks & copyrights depending upon the industry you are in. You may also need legal assistance with advances in the entertainment industry and negotiating complex royalty and payment provisions.

As you can see, hiring a Houston entertainment lawyer is extremely important for your career and protects you against future economic risk. In all contracts that I negotiate, securing a solid and profitable deal is my top priority, while fostering a creating working relationship between you and the other party.

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