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Houston Business Transactions Lawyer

Business Transactions

A skilled business transaction attorney can make all the difference in the success of business negotiations. When you have the experience, skill, persistence and business familiarity of a seasoned and professional lawyer on your side, negotiations are swifter, transactions are smoother and the outcome is more favorable to the prosperity of your business.

My firm has extensive experience helping businesses in Houston reach their goals through successful business transactions of all kinds, including:

Let's say you have a vendor contract to negotiate and you absolutely need it to cover essential points that are crucial to your business operations - delivery schedules, payment agreements, quality specifications, and a host of other details -- including some you haven't thought of -- must be included in the contract.

How can my firm assist you?

Not only can I advise you while drafting the contract, I can:

  • Aid in the negotiations
  • Inform you of the consequences of modification
  • Finalize the deal
  • Provide follow-up to ensure compliance

Not all transactions are this complex and some are more complex. The experienced perspective of the right business transaction attorney can analyze each type of transaction and determine how to protect the interests of the business while fostering productive alliances.

Houston Area Business Transactions Attorney

As an experienced business law professional, I, Patricia Davis, can guide you through the complexities of business transactions with a degree of personal attention that enables you to understand the process and gain the most benefit from the experience. I can advise and support your business decisions and ensure that your business negotiations are fruitful and satisfying. From asset purchase contracts to employment contracts and everything else, I am here to help you in your legal dealings.

Every business needs a responsive attorney to advise and direct business negotiations and transactions. A skilled attorney can save you money and time and help you avoid costly mistakes. There are a number of business transactions that may require the attention of a legal professional, including leases and non-compete & confidentiality contracts - all of which I am prepared to assist with. When your business future is at stake and you need swift and effective assistance, I can help you make the right move.

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