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Creating Legally Sound Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are absolutely critical to the success of any business. If you have employees, you need to protect the business’ rights and interests while not infringing upon employees’ rights under the law. As an employer, you need employees who are loyal, skillful and productive.

A well-written employee contract can help to secure these qualities and weed out those who would become less than desirable workers. For expert help in drafting employee agreements that serve the interests of your business, you need the advice of an experienced Houston business law attorney from my law firm to ensure that your employment contracts are legally sound and will support your need for quality help.

Employment contracts usually cover all financial aspects of the working relationship. Amount of pay, duration of employment, review schedule, ability to work for a competing business at a later time and compensation if terminated and conditions under which termination can be done are all part of these agreements.

These days other requirements are sometimes added such as drug testing and non-disclosure clauses. Boilerplate language is sometimes used for these contracts, but more often than not, a stock contract does not meet the true requirements of the business. They can lead to disputes and loss of production, the downfall of many a business venture.

Employee Contract Attorney In Houston

An attorney who understands your business and what you are trying to achieve can craft an employment contract that exactly fills your needs. Such contracts can actually improve employee/employer relationships and positively impact production. Both sides need the security of a mutual understanding that an employment contract seeks to provide. My business law firm can help you negotiate employment contracts and arrange to bring them to satisfactory closure so you can get on with the business at hand.

Disputes due to the alleged nonfulfillment of employment contract obligations can be devastating to business production. I can represent your business interests and take this distraction away from the business operation so that it can be swiftly handled with the least impact possible on the ongoing business functions.

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