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Houston Lawyer For Commercial Property Leases

The location and premises of a business can be critical to its success but can also be its most costly expense. When a business has space requirements that require it to lease property, the lease agreement with the landlord must be skillfully negotiated so that these requirements are met and money and benefits are not left on the table when they could be procured for the business. When you hire an experienced Houston business law attorney from my law office, you gain a skillful negotiator who will bargain on your behalf for as favorable a deal as possible that can easily offset any attorney fees.

Business needs change over time. Changing economic conditions, changes in ownership or management, demographic shifts, shifts in consumer buying patterns, and new environmental factors all play a part in requiring a business to evaluate its need for space. When a business understands its requirements, a lease review by my law office can compare those requirements to the provisions of the offered lease and assist negotiations for a satisfactory deal.

What To Look For – Lease Contract

Lease contracts are notoriously complex and always weighted on the side of the landlord. To protect your interests, you need to understand what the contract says and how it impacts your business. What exactly are the terms and conditions of the lease? What are the costs in terms of present and future dollars? Are there any hidden costs or costs that are not immediately apparent?

What are the true dates of financial obligations – when do you have to pay the landlord for additional expenses and what are the tax issues? What tenant improvements are funded, are they adequate and how much control do you have over these? Is there any provision for capping costs or recapturing unused allowances? What about issues such as access and signage and parking? Can the deposit be recovered and can any personal guarantees be waived?

Sometimes it seems that we need a crystal ball to see what future requirements might need to be accommodated in the present. I bring the experience and foresight you need to help you obtain a lease that suits your business needs today and that will meet those needs as far into the future as we can possibly see.

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