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Business Formation And Startup Support

The formation of a new business should preferably be done with the assistance and legal advice of an experienced business law attorney. With knowledgeable legal counsel attuned to your business goals, the most advantageous and appropriate business structure can be determined.

I am Patricia Davis, a business lawyer with over 35 years of experience. I am also a small business owner who understands the challenges and anxieties of starting an enterprise. Together we will game-plan your business formation and the foundation for success. I have helped hundreds of startups in Houston and throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

Entity Selection Is An Important Decision

There is no “best” business entity. It depends on your type of business, the product or service you are offering, your risk tolerance, who will manage operations, your plans for growing the enterprise and other factors. I can help you explore the pros and cons of organizing as:

A small business owner working out of his/her home without employees may be able to establish a sole proprietorship as the best structure for that business. A somewhat larger business with employees and an office may wish to protect some of these assets through the veil of a corporation. An LLC also offers distinct benefits, such as pass-through taxation.

I can also assist clients with buying or starting a franchise, establishing formal joint ventures and assisting L-1 business executives with forming stateside business entities.

Ongoing Business Consulting For Your New Enterprise

Business formation does not end with entity selection. I can help with all of the legal matters of starting and running a business:

Consult With A Houston Business Attorney

Determining the best legal strategy for the establishment of your business is best done with the advice of a professional. You can save yourself a considerable amount of money when your business is established correctly. I have the experience to provide you cost-effective advice on setting up your business.

With more than 35 years as a sole practitioner, I pride myself in personally representing each and every one of my clients and providing them with the degree of legal advice they require based on their needs. Call my Houston office today at 713-936-9553 or contact me online to arrange a time to explore your business formation needs.