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Establishing a New Business? Use the Experience of Patricia M. Davis to Your Advantage

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Establishing Your Business

There are many things to review when attempting to establish a new business entity. The formation of a new business should preferably be done with the assistance and legal advice from a Houston business law attorney. With adequate legal counsel regarding your goals for your business, the correct type of business structure can be determined. Whether you are forming a partnership between two people, are a sole proprietor, or wish to establish a corporation, my firm can assist you with the appropriate legal structure. Depending on your type of business and the product or service you are producing, there can be a variety of business entities that will be right for you.

A small business owner working out of his/her home without employees may be able to establish a sole proprietorship as the best structure for that business. A somewhat larger business with employees and an office will wish to protect some of these assets through a corporation, either an S Corporation or a C Corporation. Both have certain functions that benefit the company, depending on your specific needs. There are also Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and Non Profit corporations that can be established.

Whatever your legal needs may be, I am here to help you meet them:

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Determining the best legal strategy for the establishment of your business is best done with the advice of a professional. You can save yourself a considerable amount of money when your business is established correctly. I have the experience to provide you cost effective advice on setting up your business.

My knowledge extended to matters concerning franchises, employee handbooks and information concerning for profit corporations. With more than 30 years as a sole practitioner, I pride myself in personally representing each and every one of my clients and providing them with the degree of legal advice they require based on their needs.

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