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Corporate Formation And Governance With The Help Of An Experienced Business Lawyer

Many businesses can benefit from establishing themselves as for-profit corporations. The main basis of this type of corporation is that it is established to make a profit for its owners. A corporation is considered a legal entity created through the laws of the state of Texas or any other state the corporation is established in. A corporation is treated as a legal entity, creating its own “person” that can be treated legally as an individual would.

These corporations can be taxed, sued and pursue compensation from others. There are stockholders that must be named who are part owners of the corporation through the amount of stock issued to them, however, they are considered separate from the actual corporation. If you are considering establishing a for-profit corporation, consulting with a Houston business law attorney is crucial to preparing the correct paperwork and establishing a legal entity that will comply with the laws of the state.

Why Establish A Corporation?

In order to establish the type of corporation that will benefit you and any business partners most effectively, obtaining good legal advice based on your business model can lead to greater profitability for the corporation once it is fully established.

The legal means of establishing a for-profit corporation can be complex, and if not done properly, can delay your incorporation and risk thousands in incurred taxes and lost profits. To avoid this serious and costly mistake, contact me at Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law. As a sole practitioner, I spend individual time with each of my clients one on one, providing them with the legal advice they need at an affordable price.

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