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Business Transactions For International Companies

Does your company perform business in Houston while based in another country? You can look to Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law, for the experienced and professional legal advice and counsel I offer. Many business transactions will be complicated and will require legal guidance for a productive outcome, and my firm has the experience to effectively assist you.

If you are wondering how my firm can assist you as you conduct your business in Houston while being based in another country, discuss your situation with me today. I can provide the responsive assistance you need as you direct business negotiations overseas.

Benefits Of Working With A Houston Business Lawyer

When you are considering who to hire to help you conduct your international transactions in Houston, my firm is available to be your guide. There are many advantages of working with Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law, including the experience I have in this field of law.

I have advanced experience with transactions in the following areas of law:

  • United States Business Law
  • Employment law

If your case calls you to court, I can appear on your behalf and fight for your company’s best interests. With a long history of representing clients in countries across the globe, I can represent companies at meetings as they discuss their affairs in Houston while remaining rooted in their home country.

As a trained mediator, you can trust in my experience to mediate a dispute between the parties involved. If you are seeking a reasonable solution for your international business matter, you can benefit from my resources and the guidance I provide.

I even have access to U.S. specialists such as:

  • Immigration attorneys
  • Tax attorneys

Work With A Lawyer Who Understands International Affairs

Needless to say, every country’s culture is quite distinct from one another. It is no surprise, then, that the way that each company conducts business is largely dependent on where it is located. If you choose to work with me, you can benefit from a lawyer who respects how international clients approach their business operations. In many cases, however, they still need to be counseled on United States laws and regulations.

Look to my firm to handle your international business matter with a global perspective! Call 713-936-9553 or fill out my online contact form today!