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Experienced Mergers And Acquisitions Lawyer To Shepherd Your Business Merger

The practical implications of merging two businesses are enormous. The goal is smooth and seamless, but the reality is messier. As a veteran of many mergers and acquisitions, I can help you anticipate problems and manage the chaos.

At Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law, you are drawing on my 35-plus years of focused experience in business law. I can address all facets of corporate mergers and strategic acquisitions, including the inevitable wrinkles that arise in negotiations, during the transition and after the deal is closed.

Houston Mergers And Acquisitions (M&A) Attorney

I represent large entities that are absorbing or integrating with another company. I also represent the small business owner who is ready to retire or ready to sell. On either side of the transaction, I handle M&A projects in the Houston area, throughout Texas and nationwide.

You can tap into my experience with all the moving parts of merging two entities and their workforces:

Review, Troubleshooting And Standby For Unexpected Challenges

I provide a game plan and timeline to keep the deal on track. I work with clients’ in-house financial personnel to provide a “second set of eyes” for the terms of the merger, sale or acquisition. I can review or revise contracts and agreements.

Despite the best-laid plans, there are always odd things that arise in M&A implementation or documentation. I am on retainer to help clients work through these issues, sometimes months after the actual merger is completed.

Ask About M&A Projects I’ve Worked On

From the acquisition of small companies to multimillion-dollar business mergers, I have deep experience with all manner of business transactions. My thoughtful and diligent approach avoids a lot of unnecessary hassles and expenses, and I am accessible to clients at all stages to deal promptly with those unforeseen issues.

Arrange a consultation by calling my Houston office 713-936-9553 or using the email contact form.