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Teen Wolf Star Sued by Former Managers for Breach of Contract

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2012 | Firm News

The Teen Wolf star, Holland Roden is being sued by her former managers for breach of contract. Roden had allegedly entered into a verbal agreement with Luber Roklin Entertainment (LRE) in late 2009. LRE was to manage her acting career and she was to pay the company 10 percent of her earnings. The management team supposedly helped the actress make her big break in Hollywood; however, she has chosen to sever the business relationship with her former managers and they are not happy about it.

When Roden was working with LRE, she was paying the company 10 percent of her salary during the first season of Teen Wolf in 2010, but she terminated her working relationship with the company in 2011 for unknown reasons, subsequently stopping all payments that were made from her MTV show earnings. LRE’s bosses filed a lawsuit against the actress earlier this month; in the lawsuit they are demanding that Roden pay them 10 percent of her earnings during the Teen Wolf series. A judge has not yet issued a ruling over the case.

A breach of contract occurs when one party to a contract fails to uphold their end of the bargain, yet the other party has fulfilled their obligations. With contracts, both verbal and written agreements can be legally enforceable; this is why it is so important that when someone enters into a contract or agreement, they get it in writing to avoid legal trouble down the line.

Whenever another party does not fulfill their contractual promise, or when they have informed the other party that they will not perform their duties under the contract, then it is said to be a breach of contract, which is a type of civil wrong. Although each situation is handled on a case-by-case basis, there are circumstances where a judge will either impel one party to fulfill their end of the contract, or the judge may even impose punitive damages on the breaching party for the losses they have caused to the other party.

My name is Patricia M. Davis and I have been handling contract disputes in the Houston area for over 26 years. For obvious reasons, it’s always best to prevent disputes before they arise by drafting a sound and effective contract; however, not all of my clients can control what the other party says or does. If you are being accused of breaching a contract, or if you are the non-breaching party and the other person has failed to uphold their end of the agreement, I can provide you with knowledgeable legal advice and representation in the matter.

I always recommend that my clients avoid oral or verbal contracts that way they can avoid potential lawsuits such as the one that actress Holland Roden is presently dealing with; however, when my clients do encounter a legal dispute, I am here to protect their interests and cut their losses as much as possible. If you are currently in need of quality legal representation regarding a broken agreement or a contract breach, then I urge you to contact me at my firm right away to schedule a one-on-one consultation with me directly.