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How Do I Get Out Of An Employment Contract That I Signed?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2014 | Firm News

Ending your employment contract before you have fulfilled its stipulations can result in financial and legal penalties. However, with the help of a skilled business lawyer, you may be able to identify provisions or legal excuses that offer you a way out.

If you have not read your employment contract, you will want to thoroughly examine it. Take note of any clauses that may allow individuals to end their contract early. For example, some contracts allow employees to end their employment agreement early if they suffer a disability. You will also want to look for any early-termination consequences stipulated by the contract. In addition, be sure you check the end date of the employment contract. Some employees work for a long time and may not realize that their contract has already expired.

Employment contracts must be “possible” in order to be valid. For example, if a business closes its doors, employees who were previously bound by a contract to that organization are now free from it. They cannot fulfill the obligations listed in their contract because it is impossible to work for a company that no longer exists. Employment contracts are also considered invalid when one party fails to hold up their responsibilities as listed in the agreement. Often called “breach of contract,” in this situation employees can not only get out of their contract, but may have additional recourse, including suing their employer.

If you need assistance in terminating your employment contract, a knowledgeable Houston business attorney can review your contract and help you understand your options. With more than 28 years of experience, I have worked with a number of contract cases, offering my clients sound legal advice and helping them reach the best possible solution. Contact Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law to schedule a confidential consultation today.