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Should I Have an Attorney Review My Employment Contract?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2014 | Firm News

In short, yes! Employment contracts cover a variety of areas, including health benefits, vacation and sick time, how an employee can address any grievances while working for the company, details related to how and when the contract can be terminated, and what an employee may or may not do after the contract has ended. Employers may try to sweeten employment contracts by offering sign-on bonuses, but these often come with a host of conditions attached, and may need to be repaid if an employee moves on before a set date. A Houston business lawyer can see through these elements and explain exactly what your contract means for you.

Often, employees read a contract and believe they know what it says. While this may be true, certain legal terms can have far-reaching consequences if not properly understood. A business attorney can explain the legalese and how it affects you, both now and in the future. Having a lawyer review an employment contract also allows him or her to look for any terms or stipulations that may be missing. Inserting additional clauses could mean the difference between having little to no recourse and having adequate legal protection should something go awry.

A knowledgeable Houston business attorney can highlight the pros and cons of each section of your employment contract, ensuring you understand your options and helping you make informed changes before signing it. As a solo practitioner for more than 26 years, I have exceptional legal experience and a strong familiarity with business law. I understand that each situation is different, so I offer my clients an individualized approach with practical recommendations that help them reach the best solutions possible. Schedule an initial consultation today to discuss your needs –
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