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Do I Need a Lawyer for My Business?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2015 | Firm News

One of the most common and most serious mistakes a business owner can make is fail to engage the services of legal counsel for his or her business. Every business is unique. While two businesses may offer similar products and services, the propriety information, processes and trade secrets your business uses may be unique and more advanced than the ones used by your competitors. A failure to protect this information could result in your business losing its advantage in your field or industry. Even a single breach of contract or violation of a confidentiality agreement could lead to major complications, expenses and legal difficulties.

Online legal document services cannot provide the required level of legal protection. These services cannot possibly understand the specific needs of your business if you wish to advance and be protected from legal threats from vendors, clients or customers, employees or partners. I, Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law am an experienced business lawyer who has spent the last 26 years representing business owners throughout Houston, TX with a range of business legal services. I am dedicated to protecting business owners. My firm is here to help you prepare the legal documents you need to run your business, protect against legal threats, as well as help you to stay in compliance with state and federal statutes.

I also provide business owners with alternative dispute resolution services, provide legal counsel in insurance claims or lawsuits, and offer business mediation services. Waiting until a legal problem arises is not the way to protect your business. By seeking the counsel of a Houston business lawyer from my firm, you can prevent many future difficulties and legal threats. For more information about my services to business owners,
contact my firm today.