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Business Coaching at Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law

As an experienced legal counselor, my firm offers business coaching to various sizes of companies. From experience, I know that running a business is hard work. With a business coach by your side, however, you can have a plan in place and an encouraging helper to guide you along. As a Houston business law attorney, I offer advice and guidance as a knowledge counselor.

When you work with Patricia M. Davis, Attorney at Law, you get more than just legal counsel that is black and white. You get business coaching from a lawyer who understands the laws associated with owning and operating a business. As a business owner, I have had to jump through the hoops that you will soon be faced with at startup.

Not only do I own a successful business owner of a legal practice, but I also own two dance studios. I offer my legal guidance to help you approach each situation with care. I can provide advice on all aspects of running the business, including sales, team building, management, and marketing.

Benefits of Business Coaching

When your company is assisted by a knowledgeable coach who has experience running multiple businesses herself, you will likely see growth and profitable change. Listed below are just a few of the many benefits of having a business coach:

  • Smarter financial planning
  • Personal development for business owner(s)
  • Clearer focus on the goal and priorities
  • Accountability for following through on your goals
  • Improved profitability

Your business may have its own set of benefits that result from the assistance of a business coach. If you would like to learn more about this tactic, I encourage you to contact my firm at your earliest convenience. I offer free 15 minute initial consultations along with flexible payment options.